Getting to know Georgie, LW Dressage owner and rider!

Name: Georgie Guest

Age: 21

How long have you been riding for? God, I think I was about 4 when I started riding and having some lessons!

Have you always wanted to be a Dressage Rider? Yes for as long as I can remember really, but if I didn't ride I would do something with animals.

What are your ambitious in being a Dressage Rider? Well I would LOVE to be part of the British Team one day and then the Olympics! But for now I want to become the best rider I can possibly be and train one of my horses to Grand Prix!

What show/event do you dream of competing at? The Olympics but i would love to compete at Big tour at Hickstead!

Have you got your own horse? Yes I do, I bought my first horse by myself last year, he is called Valentin! Donnie is also mine but mum and dad bought him for me! 

What are your aims with him? My aims with Valentin are to try get him all the way up to Grand Prix but firstly we need to back him and go from there haha!

Who is your favourite horse? Oh god I probably have a few but I love Jan Brinks stallion Briar! I met him at Hickstead and just fell in love!

What horse would you most like to ride/compete? I would have loved to ride Ulla's Rusty!

What horse would you most like to own? I would love to own Diamond Hit! I love him!

Who is your most favourite rider? Klaus Balkenhol and Ulla Salzegber!

Do you like any other sports? Yes I love a lot of sports including Netball and other ball sports.

Whats your favourite tack shop? It has to be my sponsors!

What couldn’t you live without on the yard? Bev our lovely groom and our Equine SunSwitch Solariums and Stable Heaters!

Whats your favourite part of riding? I love competing!

What is your favourite food? I absolutely love fish, mmmmmm! But I also love my curries specially when its made by my Auntie and Uncle!

What is your favourite drink? TEA!! Couldnt go a day without it, i also love Pina Coladas!!!

Where would you love to go on holiday right now? I would love to be somewhere warm and exotic where it isnt raining, probably a lovely quiet Carribean Island.